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Year of Planning

The Year of Planning (YOP) program is the developmental process for implementing a NAF academy.

NAF academy portfolio managers provide personalized support and guided technical assistance to align high school programs and resources with the NAF design before an academy opens in its Launch Year.

The YOP Guide is a comprehensive outline of the YOP program. The Academy Design Team (ADT) uses guiding questions to lead discussions and a pacing guide to establish the timeline to create goals and complete strategic actions. Note: The YOP program is self-paced and flexible to meet local needs. Adjust pacing as needed.

Get Started

The first step in building an academy is recruiting the Academy Design Team (ADT), a multi-disciplinary group. The ADT ensures that the school supports the academy’s vision and mission to launch a NAF academy.

Year of Planning Pacing One Pager

The Year of Planning (YOP) program pacing calendar with linked resources to develop the academy design plan.

NAF Jumpstart

Jumpstart is a learning module that helps educators who are new to or unfamiliar with NAF learn how to navigate our site, find resources that help inform their work, and contact the right NAF staff when more help is needed.
Month 1: Team Building & Leadership
Recruit Academy Design Team (ADT). Complete YOP Snapshot 1 to develop Action Plan.
Month 2: Program of Study
Develop Program of Study with advanced academics and early college options.
Month 3: Student Recruitment & Enrollment
Create open, choice-based student recruitment plan.
Months 4-5: Academy Quality Process
Develop a data collection plan to track student progress toward NAFTrack Certification. Complete YOP Snapshot 2 to update Action Plan goals.
Months 5-6: Advisory Board Development
Formulate an employer engagement plan including advisory board recruitment.
Months 6-7: Work-Based Learning Program
Develop a Work-Based Learning plan for all academy grades with advisory board participation.
Months 7-8: College & Career Readiness
Develop a college and career readiness plan.
Months 8-9: YOP Graduation Preparation
Schedule a YOP graduation readiness session and graduation meeting. Complete YOP Assessment including evidence upload.
Launch Year
Coordinate a new student orientation open-house before school starts. Organize Launch Year celebrations at the start of school.