Year of Planning Program

Month 1: Team Building and Leadership

Month 1: Strategic Actions

  • Recruit the Academy Design Team (ADT) and begin assigning roles and responsibilities.

  • Identify the missing ADT roles to inform recruitment efforts.

  • Host a strategic planning meeting and use the ADT Guiding Questions to develop agenda.

  • Complete the online YOP Snapshot 1 in NAF's Academy Support Hub (ASH).

  • Use the YOP Snapshot results to create the academy design plan.

  • Schedule a date for the YOP kick-off with the academy portfolio manager.

  • Ensure the ADT members create NAF accounts to access NAF tools and resources.

Month 1: Guiding Questions

  • Who is the academy lead with release time to manage the academy?

  • How will the ADT use the YOP Snapshot to create goals and action steps?

  • Who will monitor progress and update the academy design plan?

  • Will academy team (more than three members) have common planning or formal collaboration time (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)?

  • What are the academy vision and mission statements?

  • Can the entire ADT attend NAF Next and will there be academy orientation sessions for the school community?

  • What are the funding sources for academy staff, conference costs, and annual membership fees?