Year of Planning Program

Month 2: Program of Study

Month 2: Strategic Actions

  • Confirm the career pathway meets the local community businesses and workforce needs.

  • Review NAF Future Ready Learning for career-pathway curricula and online resources in Engineering, Finance, Health Sciences, Hospitality & Tourism, and Information Technology.

  • Develop a program of study that provides career-pathway options that include advanced academic and early college options.

  • Consider how to use authentic project learning experiences to integrate the career content in other subjects.

  • Start soliciting support from industry professionals and postsecondary partners to inform curriculum and program of study development.

Month 2: Guiding Questions

  • Does the academy’s program of study ensure every learner is eligible for NAFTrack Certification (NTC)?

  • Who participates in developing a NTC implementation plan?

  • How will the core and career-pathway educators collaborate to help learners make real-world connections across the curriculum?

  • How can educators increase learner engagement through collaboration on authentic project learning experiences?

  • What blended learning strategies will the academy use to increase learner engagement?

  • How will educators work with industry professionals to keep informed of current industry trends in the career pathway?