Year of Planning Program

Launch Year

Master Schedule

  • Verify the scheduling of most academy students with at least one core educator per grade level

  • Verify educator assignments in the academy with common-planning time if possible


  • Ensure academy recruitment uses an open, choice-based student recruitment process to enroll at least 20 students per grade level

Academy Orientation

  • Host an orientation open house for academy students and parents before the start of school

Press Release

  • Prepare a press release to announce the opening of the academy and celebrate with the community

Academy Development

  • Use the graduation recommendations to update and operationalize the academy design plan

Professional Learning

  • Engage in professional learning and technical assistance available to NAF academies as follows:

    • Remote coaching and technical assistance​

    • Professional Learning site in ASH with virtual/webinar training

    • ASH tools and resources

    • NAFTrack Certification resources

NAF Next

  • Attend the Launch Year session at NAF Next 2024

    • ​Orlando, FL, July 8-11

NAF Membership

  • Maintain NAF membership requirements to be an academy in good standing by:

    • Paying annual membership fees by December​

    • Completing annual Quality Process; Data Collection and Academy Assessment

Program of Study

  • Offering a career-connected program of study that enables students to achieve NAFTrack Certification