Year of Planning Program

Month 3: Student Recruitment & Enrollment

  • Develop an open, choice-based student recruitment plan to enroll 200 (4-year program), 150 (3-year program), or 100 (2-year program) students with at least 20 students per grade level.

  • Establish the targeted enrollment for Launch Year.

  • Create an academy elevator speech, brochure, and recruitment flyers.

  • Use the YOP Snapshot 1 results to update the goals and action steps in the academy design plan.

  • How will the ADT promote the academy and recruit learners from feeder-pattern schools and throughout the community?

  • How will the academy use open, choice-based enrollment to facilitate inclusion, diversity, equity, and access by accepting learners through voice and choice rather than academic or disciplinary records?

  • What is the recruitment messaging on your website, brochure, and recruitment flyers?

  • How will the ADT solicit feedback from the school community about the advantages of an academy?

  • How do business and community partners engage in the recruitment process?

  • How does the academy foster a personalized learning environment to promote leaner interests, abilities, and aspirations?