Year of Planning Program

Months 4-5: Academy Quality Process

  • Develop a continuous improvement plan to evaluate learner data and NAFTrack Certification reports to monitor learner achievement.

  • Complete online Snapshot 2 to assess academy development progress. Update the goals and action steps in the academy design plan.

  • Identify the learner/academy data used to analyze progress in learner achievement.

  • Document academy leaders’ use of social media and presentations at local, state, and national conferences to promote NAF academy practices and college and career readiness.

  • Which ADT member is responsible for academy data collection?

  • How often will the academy review learner data?

  • What type of data will the academy use to monitor academy and learner achievement and how will you use the data to improve performance?

  • How and when will the academy share data with the school administration and other stakeholders?

  • How and in what forum will the academy share best practices locally, regionally, and nationally?

  • Does the academy have a learner intervention plan?