Year of Planning Program

Months 6-7: Work-Based Learning Plan

  • Learn more about NAF's Outcomes Driven Work-based Learning (ODWBL) approach or individualized support using the Work-based Learning Participation Tracker.

  • Develop a Work-based Learning (WBL) plan focusing on 9th and 10th grades with advisory board support and participation.

  • Incorporate opportunities for students to explore career interests, develop skills and start to develop their professional network within the WBL plan.

  • Identify the process the academy team will use to evaluate WBL impact.

  • Schedule a date for YOP graduation with academy portfolio manager.

  • Review missing evidence required for the YOP Assessment.

  • How will the ADT involve stakeholders in the development of a WBL plan?

  • How are the following stakeholders active participants in WBL activities? (advisory board members, business/community partners, academy teachers, core subject teachers, school-level administrators, district administrators)?

  • Will the academy have a WBL coordinator?

  • How will the academy educators work together to incorporate WBL for all students?

  • How will WBL experiences allow academy learners to explore career aspirations, develop skills, and make professional connections?

  • How will academy learners provide feedback about the effectiveness of WBL activities?